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Shopper AwardWe have a large assortment of clip-on sunglasses. Our clip-on sunglasses come in polarized and non polarized UV400 lenses. Polarized lenses reduce glare, they make your vision appear sharper and clearer. Polarized lenses are lighter weight on your frame which makes them more comfortable to wear. Non Polarized lenses make it easier to see your digital devices, (LCD) screens, cell phones and car dashboards. The clip-on's have attachment hooks which are designed to hook onto your frame with a spring in the middle for tension. The attachment hooks have rubber or plastic coatings to help protect the lenses. We do not recommend clip-on's for rimless or semi-rimless glasses. We have two ways to help find the best shape and size for your prescription glasses. Please start here by following this link for sizing directions. Start here by following this link to sizing help